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Elevator Cleaning

Elevator Pit

If you drop trash or other items in the small space between the elevator cab floor and lobby floor, it falls down through the shaft and lands at the bottom of the elevator pit. This is the area that is located at the bottom of the hoistway underneath the car. You will find trash, business cards, rat poison, food, money and plenty of dust and dirt.

We are in a new world where things are changing rapidly. As a result, we are living in a world that is very health-conscious, especially in the workplace. If you work in a multi-level building, elevators present a unique challenge when keeping it properly maintained. If there is heavy traffic from one floor to another, then cleaning and sanitizing a lift system are essential to keeping employees safe and healthy, as well as welcoming guests back to your building.

☆ We offer a number of solutions for disinfecting your elevator system to protect against the COVID-19 virus.

The Pit

Cleaning the pit area should never be attempted by anyone besides a certified elevator technician. Trash at the bottom of your elevator pit is very common in many types of buildings. Trash, dust, and debris can fall through the small crack space inside and elevator cab and builds up in the pit below. Over time, this may create insect infestations, interfere with the moving parts, and even create a fire hazard.

Sterilizing Elevator Doors, Handles & Panel Buttons

Your elevator passengers will not enjoy the ride if the cab is dirty. Antibacterial cleaning agents for the elevator buttons and handles are available. We will remove scuff marks, spills marks, finger prints, graffiti and stains from all parts and areas of your lift system. We will clean and disinfect your elevator doors, walls, floors, mirrors, pit and panels.

Cleaning the Elevator Floors

Elevator floors can be a hard floor or carpet floor, so which ever you have we can vacuum the carpet or polish tiled or steel floors.

Cleaning Light Fixtures

We will clean your elevator, lobby and hallway light fixtures.


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