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About Us

We are a new janitorial company in El Paso just starting out in 2020. Regardless of our short time in business, we have enough experience from the individual members of our small workforce to effeciently handle full cleaning any small business. Our workforce is small and family-based, and we are fully dedicated to working hard for you.

Our Belief

It's the basic responsibilities that are sometimes the easiest to ignore. And when cutbacks are needed, cleaning procedures and supplies are often the first to be considered. EBM believes that there will always be challenges in your business, but regardless of the challenges, cleaning shouldn't be one to worry about.

In short, we want to take the worries out of cleaning your property. If you want a successfull business, you have to have a clean one. There's no short-cut to success, and we want to ensure that your business operates to the level of your expectations.


There are benefits of maintaining a high-level of cleanliness, such as good reviews, happy customers and happy employees. As far as restuarants and other food businesses, cleanliness is not an option. Regardless of your industry requirements, we will efficiently clean and maintain the entire perimeter of your property.


EBM Cleaning is affiliated with Elevator Building Maintenance (EBM), a business that has been in business since 1986. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to clean, maintain and repair multiple facets of your building. Cromwell Morgan, owner-operator of EBM, has worked as a small business owner for the majority of his life, and continues his entrepreneurial spirit with EBM Janitorial.


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105 E. San Antonio
Suite 155
El Paso, TX.